What Is Your Leading Archetype?

Understanding the archetypes could be the secret to fulfillment you haven’t discovered yet...


In every single one of us, there are four archetypes we can call upon when we need them the most:

The strong Warrior

The caring Sovereign

The creative Magician

The compassionate Lover

Yet sometimes, what inspires us to make moves can be our greatest flaw when our emotional home is out of balance. When times get tough, we lean into what’s familiar for comfort instead of breaking patterns that no longer serve our lives.

And as we make decisions throughout every day, handle challenges and celebrate successes, we tap into our four archetypes.

Yet when our emotional homes aren’t stable – when we lack an anchor – we tend to lead with one of these archetypes more than the others.

With greater knowledge of how we act, we can learn to see life as happening for us rather than to us and use each archetype to our advantage. Learn what archetype is leading you right now by taking the quiz – and what you can do to use every archetype for your benefit when you need them most.