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How does this need drive your life? Scroll down and find out.

Your powers

  • Consistency: You’re steady and people trust you. They know you’ll show up when you say you will.
  • Completion of tasks: Your routines and need for stability mean you get things done.
  • Faith: Whether religion or a positive outlook, your faith in a higher or greater power than yourself makes for a stable state of mind.
  • Organization: Your home and work environment are pleasing and make others feel comfortable. You’ve got a plan – for everything! 

Your kryptonite

  • Risk averse: Because you’ve always got a plan, you likely have an unwillingness to take risks in your job, investments, or relationships. This limits your possible new experiences.
  • Learned helplessness: Like so many of us, it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking you have no control over a situation and just give up. If you say “I can’t” enough times, eventually it becomes true.
  • Addictive or destructive behaviors: Because you value comfort, your need to feel in control takes precedent no matter what else is going on around you. This could manifest in the form of using things around you to maintain that control (i.e., over/under-eating, drugs, drinking, even obsessive organizing).

Where to shift your focus

  • Variety: Too much certainty leads to boredom and stasis. While humans need stability, we also crave change and stimulation that variety brings. What can you do to add variety to your life and reap the rewards of the challenges it brings?
  • Learn: By learning new things and having new experiences, whether it’s a different exercise class or going to a new place on your next vacation, you’ll stretch yourself. Turns out you don’t always have to know how a story will end when you begin it.
  • Growth and Contribution: Combined, these two needs make us feel fulfilled and whole. Making progress leads to happiness, which then turns into more joy to share with the others in your life who need it. How can you start giving back and growing again?

Is the need for certainty holding you back?

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