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We’ve all been given a gift called consciousness.

We’ve all been given a gift a gift called consciousness – and what consciousness really means is to care. Consciousness is something that comes from the inside, not outside. It’s not a measurement for anybody else, and is only a measurement for ourselves.

And it’s our sacred human job to expand that consciousness. We expand our consciousness by how we live – we expand that consciousness when we care about people that can’t hurt us or help us. We expand our consciousness with the awareness that life is truly happening for us, in us, through us, and around us – with the awareness that we are life.

The only thing that stands in your way is fear. Where focus goes, energy flows, and you can choose what you focus on when fear arises. When we lean into our consciousness – when we focus on awareness, connection and caring – fear disappears because life becomes about more than ourselves. Awareness pulls us out of our churning, fearful mind and centers us in our true nature, experiencing life exactly as it is in this moment. 

This is when you step up to the full potential of your humanity. This holiday season is a time to be with our family, our loved ones and ourselves in a more meaningful way – with more awareness, compassion and connection to our true nature. This is when the magic happens.


Master Co

Pranic healer, teacher and author

"Spirituality is like breathing. Through meditation and prayer, your Soul is inhaling spiritual light. As you are of service to others, your Soul exhales or shares these divine blessings. Just like with your physical breath, you can’t choose to only inhale or only exhale. This balanced rhythm of receiving blessings and sharing them is the secret to a life of Sustained Spiritual Fulfillment!”

Master Co teaches a Directed Mind and Heart session on Day 4 of Tony Robbins' Unleash the Power Within event. Learn more here.


A mission driven by consciousness

Consciousness is awareness – and inspired by her grandmother and Tony Robbins, Nicolette is on a mission to help people reconnect with the wisdom and awareness of their ancestors to heal disease.

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Daily Practice

Meditate with Master Co

The holiday season is often the most joyous period of the year, but it can also be the most stressful. Meditate with Master Co to bring both joy and peace into your life. 


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Do you want
to be happy?

Tony, Sage and Michael Singer on how to live from a place of surrender, in order to bring true happiness and inner peace.

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The Secret to Living is Giving 

Tony Robbins has dedicated his life to giving back and serving more. One of the ways he's serving both people and the planet is through his commitment to environmental consciousness by planting 100 million trees through the organization, Trees for the Future.

Trees for the Future

Trees for the Future provides training and mentoring to impoverished farmers in developing countries, guiding them through the process of using trees to protect, diversify and optimize their crop land – while supporting restoration of the environment. Join Tony and Trees for the Future to create clean air and economic stability in the places that need it most.

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