Life happens for us, not to us. It's our job to find the grace in this and every moment of our lives – that's when life is truly magnificent.

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There's a guiding force that shows up in our lives from time to time:

When your intent is pure and your will is strong, but something else pushes you through. Some call it luck, some call it God, some call it grace. The more you acknowledge it, the more it appears. 

What if this holiday season was the time in which grace entered your body and you just let go? You let go of what others have done to you, and you let go of what you may have done to others, even unintentionally. It’s a chance to start fresh. It’s a chance to be free, a chance to let love flow to yourself at a new level.

Nick Foles

Super Bowl Champion | NFL Quarterback

“I’ve been overlooked, praised, lauded, labeled, celebrated and derided – sometimes all in the span of a single week. That's life in the NFL. [...] Challenges put me in a position to grow in my faith, which in turn have made me stronger and more confident than I ever would have been if I had not gone through them.”

Hear Nick and Tony discuss how he finds the grace in everything, even failure.



Grace is when you believe that life happens FOR you, not TO you. Hear two real-life stories of people who have been in circumstances where they could have easily stumbled and fallen, or laid blame on themselves and others, but instead found the strength to accept their situations and the faith to overcome.

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Daily Practice

Understanding True Grace 

Grace is not something you earn. It’s not a reward that you pray or ask for. And it has nothing to do with karma. Listen as Michael Singer, author of The Untethered Soul, explains that grace is the one thing that transcends human concepts. Learn to lean into grace and embrace pure gratitude.


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Life's Guiding Force

Anytime you do something that is greater than yourself, you get a different level of insight, an enhanced experience.

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The Secret to Living is Giving 

Tony Robbins has dedicated his life to giving back and serving more. While in San Francisco for business, he read a local news article about a soup kitchen run by nuns that was being shut down because the landlord had doubled their rent. Tony bought the imperiled French nuns their own soup kitchen with a $1 million donation, with help from his Platinum Partners and CEO Marc Benioff.


Nunbelievable is a mission-based, direct-to-consumer baked goods company coming soon that is inspired by the delicious, handmade cookies and confectionary creations of the friars and nuns of St. Roger Abbey, in association with the Fraternité Notre Dame. Sales of Nunbelievable's products will help fund the work of the nuns of Fraternité Notre Dame, who run soup kitchens and food pantries in San Francisco, Chicago, Detroit, and New York City. Tony Robbins, Idealab New York, and Bonin Ventures are active investors.

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