The higher your energy level, the more efficient your body. The more efficient your body, the better you feel and the more you will use your talent to produce outstanding results.

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Your health is the foundation of your life;
it is at the core of everything you do.

When your health suffers, so does everything else – your relationships, career, finances. When you are not feeling your best physically, you can’t take care of your loved ones, put energy into personal growth or achieve professional goals.

All too often, we use “I’m too busy” as an excuse to avoid working out, meditating or cooking at home. But taking the time to invest in wellness pays off in performance.
This year, rather than saying you are going to lose 10 pounds or are going to drink less and sleep more, shift your focus towards reminding yourself that your body is yours to take care of. Every decision we make – from what is on our plate to how much we sleep at night – has the potential to either help or hurt us.

What could you accomplish if you were living in peak health? Would you be a better family member and friend to your loved ones? Would you break down more barriers at work? Would you be able to give more back to the community, or even the world? Read on to uncover the results you want, and the real reason you want them.

Identify your
specific, measurable
health goal. 

  • Ask yourself, What do I really want? What’s the outcome I’m after? The more precise, the stronger it is. (For example: There’s a difference between “I want to lose weight” and “I want to lose 15 pounds.”)
  • How will you know you’ve achieved it? How will you measure success? Whenever possible, quantify your results, and put a timeframe around it. Remember, a goal is a dream with a deadline.
  • Is there someone else who already has the results I’m after? That can help you identify the criteria of what you consider successful. Write these down.

Discover the
compelling reason you
want these results.

  • What kind of trigger words really motivate you to reach your goal? What are some words around health that excite you? Youthful, light, strength, fuel, vitality, rejuvenation? What words really make you want to do something?
  • Ask yourself, Why do I want this? What is my real purpose? Why is this not just a “should,” but a must for me? Associate to the “why” of what you are doing.
  • What will this give me? How will it make me feel? The emotional quality of purpose makes what you will do not only sustainable, but powerful. It’s what will push you through the inevitable obstacles.

Your massive action plan

  • Once you know the exact result you are committed to achieving, as well as why you must achieve it (the purpose), you can now create a MAP – a Massive Action Plan – to achieve it. Ask: What specific actions do I need to take to achieve this result?
  • Remember: There are many ways to achieve a result. If one set of actions doesn’t achieve it, another set will. And, often only a small number of your actions will make the biggest difference in your ability to achieve your goal – 20% of what you do in life makes 80% of the difference. Once you find an aspect of your new health routine that works, double down on it. And abandon what doesn't work.


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