Are you truly a business owner?


Or does your business own you? Take the assessment to find out where you stand.

Are you truly a business owner?

Or does your business own you? Take the assessment to find out where you stand.


You might own a business, but have you fully embraced the role and mindset of a true business owner? In just 2 minutes see if you’re stuck in the daily grind of an operator, or if you’re already experiencing the life-changing freedom of a true business owner and what your next steps should be.

1. Do you spend more time with your:

2. If you were going to take a vacation, how long could your business sustain itself (people, processes) without your oversight?

3. When you are not at work, you are able to completely “unplug” from work-related communications.

4. Do you spend more of your time strategizing and executing future growth plans or managing the day-to-day operations of your business?

5. I have an exit strategy.

6. I focus more on:

7. If something goes wrong during off hours, who gets the phone call?


What’s the difference?

Two of these people are owners, two are operators. Can you spot the difference?

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Business Owner Mindset Report

How do you measure up?

We surveyed business owners just like you – see the report and how you compare to our results.

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Daniel’s shift to business owner

This brewery owner was bogged down operating his business. At Business Mastery, he left that behind and became a true business owner.


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