A Letter to You
From Tony and Sage

Dear Platinum Partner,

Two years ago today we were rounding out a year in another bull market. In fact, it was the longest bull market in history. And here we are today, two years later with a much different market and a much different world.


The pandemic has accelerated change, and thrust us into the midst of winter. It’s created structural changes in our economy and around the world like we’ve never seen before. The world order is shifting, currencies and markets are more variable. We’ve entered into a game of three dimensional chess, my friends, and if you’re the pawn and not the player, you’re going to be left behind.


So what can we do to take back control, and thrive in chaos? What is the upside to this season of life?


Winter is the greatest time on earth to make money. The worst problems are actually your greatest opportunities.


If you want to build wealth, and I know you do, economic winters are where you find the best opportunities. In fact, fortunes have been made during times of “maximum pessimism.” During the 2008-2009 recession who made money? It’s people you and I both know like Ray Dalio, Paul Tudor Jones, and Warren Buffet. When everyone else was crippled by uncertainty, they found opportunity.


When most let fear overtake them, this is your time to stand firm and strong in the midst of chaos. This is your time to do what most would find absurd in uncertain times, this is your time to thrive. A time to not only protect what you have, but to profit into even greater wealth. This is a time to create new avenues and opportunities for revenue that didn’t exist before. It’s time to CREATE value. There is opportunity awaiting you and I’m bringing you the top financial minds in the world to give you the tools to take advantage of these opportunities, and to do it with confidence.


If you can discipline your fear and manage your emotions, and be truly unshakeable, major market pullbacks can present the opportunity of a lifetime.


If you joined us last year, you’ll remember hearing from titans and billionaires like Ray Dalio, Paul Tudor Jones, Michael Saylor, former Secretary of the Treasury Hank Paulson, and Erik Prince. Other honored guests have included Steve Forbes, Elon Musk, President Bill Clinton, President George W. Bush, and Chairman Ben Bernanke.


Those who attended, gained an unparalleled advantage, and profited in 2021.


We invite you to join us live with your Platinum Family, near Tony & Sage’s home in Palm Beach Florida, as we explore what it means to make smart financial decisions today and tomorrow.


This is your opportunity to reserve your seat early, before our guest list is announced and this Platinum event fills up – as it does every year!


The decision is yours. How you choose to respond to our ever changing economic climate, both emotionally and financially, is going to be crucial to both your short-term and your long-term success.


When you arm yourself with the right psychology and learn from the masters – as I did and continue to do – you will have a full appreciation for the incredible times we are experiencing now and the exponential unimaginable future we have in store.


We hope to see you in Palm Beach, as our beloved Platinum family gathers to learn how to protect and profit together, and learn firsthand from the most influential minds in finance today.


With love, passion and respect,

Tony & Sage Robbins

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