Physical Characteristics and Energy

Strong physical presence, centeredness, rigidity, and a feeling of unwavering purpose and strength.

Open, free, flowing, full of life energy, sometimes more nurturing, sometimes more wild and free.

Primary Driving Force

Masculine essence is primarily driven by direction in life, or by a life mission.

Feminine essence is moved primarily by emotions in an intimate relationship.

The feminine force is about opening to love and giving love.


Focused on one mode only at a time and the single task at hand.

Looking for trouble: Sees a problem and wants to fix it (even when there isn’t one)

Flow: Interruption does not exist because you are in a constant state of flow.

Looking for love: The ultimate way to magnify radiance and beauty.


Masculine energy seeks release: from the burdens of life and relationship, from the constraints of life.

The masculine strives to break free to ultimate ecstasy and freedom. They want to be empty and let go.

Feminine energy is based on attraction and enchantment, drawing others in through opening of the heart to beauty and love.

The feminine wants to fill up with love, energy and attention.The feminine force is about opening to love and giving love.


Responds to challenge, comes alive at the edge, and when challenged.
Loves competition to test themselves and break through barriers.
Wants to possess.
Addicted to emptying himself and releasing himself into the void.
Wants to feel appreciated.

Desires to be noticed and feel attractive.

Lives in a world of sensation, the body, connection to the flow of elements and the natural forces.

Addicted to ways of filling her sense of emptiness.

Wants to feel understood.


Finds it easy to let go and leave.

Often leaves too soon.

Speaks words vs. emotion.

Hangs onto everything.

Often stays too long.

Hears primarily mood and tone.