For anything to grow, you must create a strong foundation


That is, for anything to grow, you must create a strong foundation first. Your base consists of two parts: First, an extraordinary psychology and mindset, and second, effective strategies that you can use to create the lifestyle
and habits that then produce ongoing results.

Here’s what’s brilliant about this step: The principles and tools you learn here can apply to any area of your life. Anything you want to change, you can change. For the sake of this exercise, we’ll focus on health. But if there’s anything that you’re not happy about—in your relationships, in your finances, or in your career—make a decision right now about how you’re going to change it immediately. Below is your toolkit to get started.  


Whenever you want to make a change or improve something, you should start by making a shift in your mental and emotional state. If you are about to embark on a lifestyle change from a frustrated, angry or exhausted state, it won’t matter how hard you work, or what you do. Why? Because when you’re in a weak place, your thoughts are weak—and when your thoughts are weak, your actions are weak. Luckily, there’s a simple way to change your physical state and, with it, your state of mind: Priming.

Priming is a 10-minute breathing exercise that Tony does each morning. If you practice priming regularly, you’ll experience an incredible shift in the quality of your thoughts and emotions, and be in the best possible place to start a new challenge. But don’t take our word for it—give it a try yourself!


Is there something in your life that needs to be dealt with, but, because it involves emotional decision making, you’ve been putting if off? Perhaps there’s an emotional decision that you need to make surrounding your health—but you’ve not yet made it because you’re stuck in your head. As Tony says, “get in your head, you’re dead.” When you’re in your head, you’re more likely to be stressed, angry or fearful about what’s to come. But when you’re grateful, you can’t be angry or afraid.

So how do you get into a place of gratitude? By focusing on your heart instead of the mind. Heart breathing uses gratitude as a focal point, interrupting your negative state and harnessing your heart’s energy, which incredibly, is 60 times stronger than the
energy of your brain. Give it a try!


If you want to create real change in your life, affirmations alone aren’t enough. You can recite something uplifting, but if you aren’t embodying it physically, then you are only skimming the surface. That’s why incantations are so powerful. With incantations, not only are you speaking words of empowerment, you are using your body and your voice to change your state—and as you know, your state is most often the difference between peak performance and poor performance.

By creating new patterns of language, physiology and beliefs, you guarantee that you have created a new cause-and-effect direction and destination for the changes to your lifestyle you’re about to create. Curious about incantations? Take a look at this vintage Tony clip to find out why incantations are so powerful.


Before embarking on your health challenge, it’s important to prepare both your mind and your body. When your body is not getting what it needs, it suffers. And when your body suffers, you don’t perform at your peak. Create the ultimate foundation with ImmunoBoost C+ and BioEnergy Greens.

ImmunoBoostC+ provides your body with the necessary vitamin C your body needs to thrive, while BioEnergy Greens nourishes your body at a cellular level giving you more energy, quicker recovery from exercise, and mental clarity.

As part of Tony’s own daily routine, he uses BioEnergy Greens with ImmunoBoost-C+ as a shake in the morning to start his day and maintain his health, no matter what his rigorous schedule requires.



Most of us do not make a conscious decision about what we believe. Rather, our beliefs are based on generalizations we make about our past. Unfortunately, many of us are wired to hone in on the painful experiences and form negative beliefs about what that means for our future.

This rings especially true when it comes to beliefs about our health. Have you ever attempted to achieve a weight loss goal, only to fail to get past those first few pounds? Or tried to run a mile only to find out you can barely run a half? Chances are, you’ve created a personal narrative about your health that is preventing you from reaching your true potential.

Before you get started, take a look at some of your limiting beliefs about your health and replace them with empowering beliefs by completing this quick exercise. 



Think of a health goal that you have always wanted to achieve and haven’t. What are some of the negative thoughts you have surrounding that goal? This could a be negative thought, an excuse you tell yourself, or a worry. 


Think about your negative thoughts the first step. Now, ask yourself: is that really true? Likely, it won’t be. In fact, you will likely find that your negative hold no merit. Take your negative beliefs from the first step, and write what is REALLY true. 

“If you develop the absolute sense of certainty that powerful beliefs provide, then you can get yourself to accomplish virtually anything, including those things that other people are certain are impossible.”