Forgiveness is
the gift you give
yourself, not a
gift you give
someone else.

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Trade your expectations for appreciation, and your whole world changes. 

We will always carry anger and hurt in our hearts as long as we have expectations of other people and life conditions we can’t control.

Forgiveness is understanding that the only person you hurt when you’re upset – no matter how justified it may be – is yourself. Even if everything in you wants to blame someone else, consider giving yourself the gift of forgiving your expectations.

Trade your expectations for appreciation. The moment you do, your whole world transforms.

Thích Nhất Hạnh

Global Spiritual Leader, Poet and Peace Activist

"To truly practice forgiveness we must first forgive ourselves for not being perfect."

Thích Nhất Hạnh is a Vietnamese monk who brought the practice of compassion to the West. Two of his books, "True Love" and "Living Buddha, Living Christ," are among Sage Robbins' personal favorite books of all time.


Hidden Blame

A four-wheeling accident left Sarah Foley paralyzed from the waist down – and it was only when she let go of the blame she had been holding onto that she truly freed herself to live a full life, despite her injuries. Now she elevates an entire community of women with physical disabilities to smash stereotypes and beliefs about what you need to feel confident, fit and powerful. 

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Daily Practice

Release Your Judgment

As Tony says: "Don't try to be perfect; just be an excellent example of being human." There is always a kinder way, a gentler and more compassionate reaction you can have. And not just with others – with yourself, too. Most people say things to themselves – about themselves – that they would never say to someone else. If you are being too harsh with yourself, listen to Tony's words on how to release judgement.


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The power of the "F words"

No two human emotions have a greater impact on the quality of your life than forgiveness and faith. These two powers can move you beyond an experience itself and through its higher purpose, and in doing so, free and strengthen your spirit.

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The Secret to Living is Giving 

Tony Robbins has dedicated his life to giving back and serving more. He is a strong supporter of Restorative Justice, an approach to justice that emphasizes accountability for offenders and empowerment for victims of crime.

The Centre for
Justice &

A program of Prison Fellowship International, which serves prisoners, ex-prisoners, and their families in over 125 countries to help repair the harm caused by crime.

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